Pricing Disclaimer. As required by Texas State Law we are required to display our State Discounted Prices of our catalog items, however, due to the nature of our business, it is impossible to input accurate prices for our services. Please contact the CISV representative for current pricing.

  • Armstrong Solutions, Inc.
  • VID# 1752384873100

CISV Ordering Address:

  • 3400 Oak Grove Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

Vendor Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Kelvin Armstrong
  • Telephone: (866) 526-7095
  • Facsimile: (866) 526-7095
  • Email:

Maintenance repair and support plan.
The services provided are based on the specific performance standard needs of individual products as described by the manufacturer of the products. Such needs may include preventive maintenance, handled at the discretion of an Armstrong Solutions IT Consultant during a reported service call or at the discretion of the Armstrong Solutions IT Manager. On-Call remedial maintenance will include adjustments, cleaning, replacement of parts as deemed necessary by Armstrong Solutions.

Armstrong Solutions agrees to respond to telephone requests for service within 1 hour and arrive at the site within 4 hours of the time requested, with the exclusion of weekends.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Help Line: (866) 526-7095

Statement of guarantee: Armstrong Solutions, Inc will make available equivalent replacement parts for a product sold to the state for at least 3 years after a product is discontinued.

Product/Services: State Discount Pricing

  • Full Systems Integration: $95.00 Per Hr.
  • LAN Monitoring & Administration: $85.00 Per Hr.
  • Network Cabling: $95.00 Per Run
  • Staffing / Project Outsourcing: $75.00 Per Hr.
  • LAN Integration / Migration: $85.00 Per Hr.
  • Web Design: Please contact our administrative team for a company referral.

Class / Items Available Description

  • 918-28 Computer Hardware Consulting
  • 918-29 Computer Software Consulting
  • 918-30 Computer Network Consulting
  • 920-14 Applications Software (For Minicomputer Systems)
  • 920-31 Installation of Computers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment (Including Software)
  • 920-37 Networking Services (Including Installation, Security, and Maintenance)
  • 920-47 Support Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties)
  • 939-21 Computers, Data Processing Equipment and Accessories (Not Word Processing Equipment), Maintenance and Repair
  • 962-18 Cable Construction, Installation, and Maintenance (Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, etc.)